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About Pin Si Kitchen 美食传千里 品食陪伴你

Established in 2008, Pin Si Kitchen is a homegrown F&B company built on a simple belief - ‘Providing top-quality Chinese delicacies to all at affordable prices’. Pin Si (品食), which literally means to ‘savour the food’ in Chinese, summarises our aspiration for everyone to enjoy the fare we serve up.

Pin Si has grown from strength to strength. From an initial lone F&B establishment to a present-day multi-faceted F&B enterprise, Pin Si’s presence on the local F&B landscape continues to grow by the day through capitalising on our expertise in Chinese cuisine. From Ready to Serve food to delicate banquets, our specialise culinary teams focus on customising dining experiences to suit your every need.

This passion and dedication towards excellence has become a mantra for the Group, guiding everything that it does. Over the years, Pin Si continues to evolve with the times, while still maintaining its commitment to quality. Pin Si’s dedication is widely recognised, and over the years, it has been awarded with several accolades, including SME One Asia Awards (Emerging Award), APEA (Outstanding Entrepreneur Awards 2011), Singapore 1000, and SME 1000, cementing its name as one synonymous with excellence.

Hygiene has always been Pin Si’s top priority, and we are pleased to announce that we have been accredited with Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP ) Certification (ISO 22000). This certification reflects our company’s aspiration towards constant improvement, and sets a very high standard in serving high-quality food with equally high safety and hygiene standards. Pin Si is also accredited with Business Continuity Management (ISO22301), which indicates that we are able to maintain operations and protect our customers’ interests in times of crisis.

Address : 19 Woodlands Link Singapore 738728
Hotline : 6758 8177  or WhatsApp 91505959
Operation Time : 9am-6pm

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